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Digital Insights Platform Contentsquare Raises £45M, Eyes New Markets in Asia
Phil Oakley  
1/29/2019   1 comment
Contentsquare's Series C round comes just a year after its £31 million Series B.
AI in the Workplace & the Digitization of Services – Part 2
TechX365 News  
1/25/2019   1 comment
Chatbots are changing the way we communicate with companies, taking some of the weight off the customer service team. So how can firms adapt this technology to use it internally, asks DXC's Mark Flexman?
AI in the Workplace & the Digitization of Services – Part 1
TechX365 News  
1/23/2019   1 comment
We live our lives on-demand, with music and video streaming and two-hour delivery on online orders. So how can the workplace catch up? DXC's Mark Flexman explains in this two-part series.
Farming-as-a-Service Startup Small Robot Company Raises £1.2M in Crowdfunding
Phil Oakley  
1/17/2019   Post a comment
Small Robot Company currently has four prototype robots: Tom, Dick, Harry and Wilma.
Poll: Which Tech Sector Will Attract the Most Investment in 2019?
Phil Oakley  
1/14/2019   Post a comment
Will blockchain finally come into the mainstream in 2019, or will AI continue to be an upstoppable behemoth? Or will augmented reality make a return?
Amazon Prepares to Enter Healthcare With AI-Powered Tool
Phil Oakley  
11/28/2018   1 comment
Amazon's healthcare product will analyze patient data and extract useful and relevant information, saving medical professionals time and resources.
London AI Startups Raised More Cash in 8 Months of 2018 Than All of 2017
Phil Oakley  
11/19/2018   Post a comment
London is streaking ahead of its European AI rivals, but Germany plans to catch up with a €3 billion injection into the sector.
AI Is Revolutionizing Field Service Management
TechX365 News  
11/15/2018   Post a comment
AI is changing how call centers, customer services and phone operators interact with the public.
Revolut Sees Fourfold Drop in Card Fraud by Using AI
Phil Oakley  
11/13/2018   Post a comment
Company CEO Nik Storonsky is convinced that his company is an acquisition target because of its ability to greatly speed up the time it takes to detect credit card theft and other types of financial fraud.
Dynamic Lockdown: Why Schools Need to Wake Up to Smarter Alarm Management
TechX365 News  
10/25/2018   Post a comment
Schools need to start using modern technology such as artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify threats to student and staff safety.
Amazon Opens New Manchester R&D Center & Adds 1,000 Employees
Phil Oakley  
10/22/2018   Post a comment
Amazon's new office will focus on developing machine learning and other software development for the tech giant's growing product range.
Startup Profile: Octotrip
Phil Oakley  
9/19/2018   Post a comment
Business travel can be a huge problem for SMEs and large corporates alike, but Asian tech startup Octotrip is here to help with a platform powered by data and AI.
The Next Generation: Kainos Announces Winners of Its AI Training Camp
Phil Oakley  
9/18/2018   Post a comment
The three students impressed the judges with their application of AI for image translation.
UK's Medopad Acquires Silicon Valley AI Startup
Phil Oakley  
9/11/2018   Post a comment
Medtech startup Medopad works with hospitals, tech giants and pharmaceutical companies to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.
Beyond China & India: Digital Opportunities Across Asia
Phil Oakley  
9/5/2018   Post a comment
China and India may be the world's most populous countries, but tech should also focus on other, less connected Asian countries for growth opportunities.
China's AI Startups Raised Almost $5B in 2017, Overtaking US Competitors
Phil Oakley  
8/30/2018   Post a comment
Chinese AI startups raised $4.9 billion as worldwide AI investment soared by 150%.
Data Tools Belong in the Hands of Business Users, Not Developers
TechX365 News  
8/22/2018   Post a comment
Data is a company's most valuable asset, but only the technical developers can utilize the tools needed to understand it.
Almost a Third Believe AI Will Be Commonplace in Business by 2028 — Study
Phil Oakley  
8/17/2018   1 comment
32% of companies believe AI will be commplace in business within a decade, but 32% of people feel they will be left behind by the rate of technological change.
Third of Millennials Think AI Will 'Destroy Us' – Study
Phil Oakley  
8/10/2018   Post a comment
Distrust of technology among young people is high, especially when it comes to AI, according to a new report.
Poor Data Quality Shouldn't Be an Excuse for Not Adopting AI
TechX365 News  
8/8/2018   Post a comment
If your data quality is not up to scratch... why aren't you improving it?
Tesla to Build Its Own AI Hardware to Power Autonomous Functions
Phil Oakley  
8/2/2018   Post a comment
CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla will build its own AI hardware for its cars, meaning the company has a lot more control over its headline Autopilot feature.
LG Opens New AI Research Lab in Toronto
Phil Oakley  
8/1/2018   Post a comment
The South Korean tech company is partnering with the University of Toronto to open the new lab, which it hopes will give it an edge over rivals.
Google Announces Contact Center AI, Host of Cloud Platform Improvements
Phil Oakley  
7/25/2018   Post a comment
Google's Contact Center AI means simple customer service requests can be automated, leaving the more complex cases to a human employee.
UK Job Losses Due to AI Will Be Offset by Job Creation – PwC
Phil Oakley  
7/18/2018   Post a comment
Industries such as healthcare and education will see job creation, but others, such as transport and manufacturing, are at high risk of automation.
Facebook May Acquire London-Based AI Startup to Help Combat 'Fake News'
Phil Oakley  
7/4/2018   Post a comment
Facebook is looking to bolster its UK operations by buying Bloomsbury AI, in order to help the US-based social media giant address the issue of what some presidents like to call 'fake news.'
IBM's AI-Powered 'Project Debater' Successfully Debates With Humans
Phil Oakley  
6/19/2018   2 comments
Project Debater more than held its own in a debate with humans, on subjects of which it had no prior knowledge.
How to Tell Better Stories With Data
Phil Oakley  
6/15/2018   1 comment
Reporting on data and citing stats is for robots. Be a human. Tell stories. That's the advice from Emily Hunt, chief data storyteller at 36ns, who spoke at the Data Festival London this week.
London Is AI Capital of Europe – Report
Ray Le Maistre  
6/11/2018   1 comment
UK capital is home to double the number of AI companies than closest rivals Paris and Berlin combined, according to AI industry advice platform CognitionX.
The Dawn of Voice SEO
Sponsored Blogs  
6/7/2018   Post a comment
We all know about Search Engine Optimization for traditional search results, but what about optimizing for voice results in Google Assistant or Alexa?
How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Artists and Designers?
Sponsored Blogs  
5/31/2018   1 comment
We all know how artificial intelligence will affect factory workers, taxi drivers and doctors, but how will it affect the rather more creative professions?
Can AI Be Emotionally Intelligent?
Sponsored Blogs  
5/31/2018   1 comment
Ai is incredible and can do things humans can't. But can it be emotional?
AI Detects Skin Cancer With More Accuracy Than Dermatologists – Report
Phil Oakley  
5/30/2018   Post a comment
A new report reveals that AI can detect skin cancer more accurately than human dermatologists.
Microsoft CEO Touts AI Power, Demos Chatbot AI Voice Call
Phil Oakley  
5/23/2018   Post a comment
In an impressive display of AI technology in London, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella demonstrated how the company's Chinese chatbot can make voice calls to humans.
Met's Facial Recognition Tech Incorrect 98% of Time
Phil Oakley  
5/15/2018   Post a comment
London's Metropolitan Police has been trialing a new facial recognition system, but 98% of the results have been 'false positives.'
AI's Great, but Even Advanced Tech Needs Human Help Too
TechX365 News  
5/14/2018   Post a comment
AI's great, but we humans are still needed to do the heavy lifting.
How AR & VR Are Bringing Workplace Training Into the Modern Age
Elin Gronow  
5/3/2018   1 comment
The way companies train employees is changing as virtual and augmented realities are introduced to the workplace.
Alphabet's Brin Trumpets AI's Power, Warns of Dangers
Phil Oakley  
4/30/2018   Post a comment
The Google co-founder posed questions in a Founder's Letter about how we will manage the power of AI as we get deeper and deeper into the future.
UK Government Commissions Review Into NHS Use of AI & Robotics
Phil Oakley  
4/27/2018   Post a comment
The UK government wants to train tens of thousands of NHS staff in the use of AI and robotics in healthcare.
Automation Will Change Leadership, Says Taylor Vinters Employment Head
Gabriella Jeakins  
4/24/2018   1 comment
Future leaders need to recognize the potential automation has to change how we go about supporting and managing others, says Taylor Vinters employment head Dominic Holmes.
Proposals for New European AI Research Lab Take Shape
Phil Oakley  
4/24/2018   Post a comment
The new lab aims to stop the brain drain of computer scientists to the US and China.
BenevolentAI Raises $115M to Scale AI Drug Development Process
Phil Oakley  
4/19/2018   Post a comment
BenevolentAI uses AI to discover treatments for hard-to-treat diseases.
UK Parliament Recommends AI Growth Fund Creation
Phil Oakley  
4/16/2018   Post a comment
The report from the 13-strong House of Lords committee has some recommendations on how to help the UK become an AI world leader, and possibly more importantly, to stay there.
Google Develops Neural Network That Isolates Voices in a Crowd
Phil Oakley  
4/13/2018   Post a comment
System works by the neural network looking at the person's face and then correlating that video track with the audio track.
China's SenseTime Becomes World's Most Highly Valued Startup After Raising $600M
Phil Oakley  
4/9/2018   Post a comment
SenseTime has raised $600 million in Series C funding, which makes it the highest-valued AI startup in the world.
Google Splits AI & Search Divisions as Executive Leaves for Apple
Phil Oakley  
4/4/2018   1 comment
Google is splitting its AI and search divisions into two separate units, as its AI chief leaves for rival Apple.
Fewer Jobs at Risk of Automation Than First Feared – OECD Study
Phil Oakley  
4/3/2018   1 comment
A new study by OECD says fewer jobs are at risk of automation than originally imagined, disputing a long-held belief that millions of jobs will disappear as technology takes over.
How Tilkee Uses AI to Improve Sales & Marketing Conversion Rates
Phil Oakley  
3/16/2018   Post a comment
Tilkee, a French startup, uses machine learning to improve conversion rates of sales documents.
Learn With Google AI Opens to the Public
Phil Oakley  
3/2/2018   Post a comment
Google opens some of its internal AI and machine learning teaching resources to the public.
Tech Monopolies Need Regulation Before Voice Assistants Take Over
Elin Gronow  
2/27/2018   1 comment
We talk to Joe Toscano about what constitutes good design, the danger of modern-day tech monopolies, and natural language processing for enhancing the user experience.
LG Taps Berlin-Based EyeEm for AI on New Smartphone Camera
Phil Oakley  
2/26/2018   Post a comment
LG has partnered with Berlin scale-up EyeEm to add AI capabilities to its camera.
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Contentsquare's Series C round comes just a year after its £31 million Series B.
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Eric Plouffe, Head of Marketing, UnGagged, 6/7/2018
We all know about Search Engine Optimization for traditional search results, but what about optimizing for voice results in Google Assistant or Alexa?
Ghislaine Boddington, Creative Director of body>data>space, 5/31/2018
We all know how artificial intelligence will affect factory workers, taxi drivers and doctors, but how will it affect the rather more creative professions?
Richard Orme, CTO, Photobox Group, 5/31/2018
Ai is incredible and can do things humans can't. But can it be emotional?
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The UK's history of embracing technology and innovation means its capital is well placed to benefit from the "fourth industrial revolution," says Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose.
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