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Poll: Which Tech Sector Will Attract the Most Investment in 2019?
Phil Oakley  
1/14/2019   Post a comment
Will blockchain finally come into the mainstream in 2019, or will AI continue to be an upstoppable behemoth? Or will augmented reality make a return?
Third of Millennials Think AI Will 'Destroy Us' – Study
Phil Oakley  
8/10/2018   Post a comment
Distrust of technology among young people is high, especially when it comes to AI, according to a new report.
AR/VR Headset Shipments Down 30% in Q1 2018 – IDC
Phil Oakley  
6/20/2018   Post a comment
AR/VR headsets shipments are expected to total over 60 million in 2022.
VR Could Have Major Repercussions for How We See The World
TechX365 News  
6/15/2018   1 comment
Virtual reality poses incredible opportunies to offer experiences to anyone, but it could also influence and affect how we see the world.
TechXLR8 Video: VR in Focus
TechX365 Video  
6/14/2018   Post a comment
TechX365 reporter Elliott Heath reports from the VR & AR World show floor at the TechXLR8 event in London.
Try Out the Quintessence AM37 Boat Configurator at TechXLR8 2018
Sponsored Blogs  
6/12/2018   1 comment
The Quintessence AM37 lets you try out the same boat James Bond would use in a full VR experience.
22 Million VR/AR Devices to be Sold in 2018, Predicts CCS
Elliott Heath  
6/11/2018   1 comment
The volume of virtual/augmented reality devices sold this year is expected to be almost 50% higher than in 2017, according to analyst house CCS Insight.
To Develop Groundbreaking AR/VR Content, Look to the User First
Elin Gronow  
6/5/2018   1 comment
If we are to develop game-changing AR/VR content, we mnust look to our users first, says Susanne Krebs of
This Is the Year VR Comes Out of the Confines of Entertainment
TechX365 News  
5/31/2018   Post a comment
Gaming has long been virtual reality's main use case, but this might be the year it starts going properly mainstream.
Startup Profile: FitXR
Phil Oakley  
5/24/2018   Post a comment
FitXR uses VR gaming to make people exercise.
Speed of Change Is Irrelevant if You're Heading in the Wrong Direction
TechX365 News  
5/23/2018   Post a comment
The AR/VR industry needs the public to realize that alternate reality technologies have so much more to offer than gaming and cheap gimmicks.
AR/VR Entrepreneurs Need to Foster Sense of Community
Elin Gronow  
5/17/2018   1 comment
AR/VR is rapidly picking up pace, but the content is letting it down. Can an improved community feel to the growing sector help?
VR: Enabling the Impossible for Everyone
Elin Gronow  
5/16/2018   1 comment
Virtual reality is enabling a new kind of immersive experience, giving everyone the opportunity to fly fighter jets, for example.
How VR Will Change Business
TechX365 News  
5/8/2018   Post a comment
Virtual reality is not just a gimmick, but rather, a way to engage consumers and foster an environment of continued growth. In this article, we will cover the ways VR is being used to revolutionize the realms of business and how it is creating a world of possibilities.
How AR & VR Are Bringing Workplace Training Into the Modern Age
Elin Gronow  
5/3/2018   1 comment
The way companies train employees is changing as virtual and augmented realities are introduced to the workplace.
Augmented & Virtual Reality: Where Are We At?
Elin Gronow  
5/2/2018   1 comment
Take a look at what's happening in the augmented and virtual reality industry right now with this free webinar.
Bad VR/AR Experiences Can 'Increase Barrier to Entry'
Elin Gronow  
4/26/2018   1 comment
Preloaded's creative director, Phil Stuart, says brands risk alienating customers with VR/AR experiences if they're implemented incorrectly.
Reality Zero One Raises £285K to Build Digital Reality Replication Platform
Phil Oakley  
4/20/2018   Post a comment
Reality Zero One uses IoT sensors and cameras to replicate objects in great detail in the virtual world.
The Transformative Power of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform
TechX365 News  
4/17/2018   Post a comment
Windows Mixed Reality uses AR and VR to change how we see computing.
Virtual Reality Is Reshaping the Social Landscape
TechX365 News  
4/10/2018   Post a comment
VR is transforming social media.
Getting Started With VR Experiences Development: The Engine
TechX365 News  
4/4/2018   Post a comment
Josh Althauser takes us through how to get started in VR game and experience development, looking at the engine which powers the game.
VR Will Change How We Browse the Web
TechX365 News  
3/27/2018   Post a comment
Most people think VR is a thing for games and entertainment, but it could have a huge effect on how we use the web too.
AR/VR Headset Sales Will Rebound in 2018 – IDC
Phil Oakley  
3/21/2018   Post a comment
AR/VR headset sales dropped last year but analyst firm IDC reckons they're about to rebound in a big way in 2018.
US Army Could Use VR to Help Train Soldiers – Exclusive Interview
Elin Gronow  
3/15/2018   Post a comment
We talk to Christina Corbat from V-Armed about how VR can help train those who deal with high-pressure situations on a daily basis.
Education Has More of a Need for AR&VR Than Entertainment
Elin Gronow  
3/8/2018   Post a comment
Daniel Inversini from Disney Research Zürich explains the two big AR/VR markets: entertainment and education.
AR & VR Gaming Made $4B Last Year, but That's Only Scratching the Surface
TechX365 News  
3/2/2018   Post a comment
The gaming industry is plunging billions of dollars into the AR and VR industry, but development has so far only scratched the surface of the potential for the platforms.
AR & VR Startups Invited to Pitch at Mayor of London-Supported Event
Phil Oakley  
2/16/2018   Post a comment
TechInvest will see ten London-based augmented and virtual reality startups pitch to hundreds of gathered investors.
How Will Digitalization & Virtual Reality Transform Construction?
TechX365 News  
2/12/2018   Post a comment
The construction industry is ripe for digital disruption.
Eurosport Will Broadcast the 2018 Winter Olympics in VR
TechX365 News  
2/1/2018   Post a comment
During the PeongChang Winter Olympics, Eurosport will be broadcasting sports such as snowboarding and alpine skiing in virtual reality.
Startup Profile: Ballast
Phil Oakley  
1/17/2018   1 comment
Ballast is working on the first ever aquatic VR experience, aiming for a fully sensory virtual reality experience while immersed in water.
AI, AR, VR, Fintech & Talent Discussed in First TechXLR8 Twitter Chat
Phil Oakley  
1/12/2018   Post a comment
The first TechXLR8 Twitter chat of 2018 discussed what the year will bring for tech.
Investment Into AR/VR Totalled Over $3B in 2017
Phil Oakley  
1/8/2018   Post a comment
Investors plowed over $3 billion into the AR/VR industry in 2017 as the technology begins to mature after years of development.
AR to Enable 3D Storytelling – Google's AR & VR Global Strategy Head
TechX365 News  
1/5/2018   Post a comment
An exclusive interview with Steven Kan, head of global strategy, AR and VR, at Google.
Poll: Which Tech Sector Will Attract the Most Investment in 2018?
Phil Oakley  
1/4/2018   Post a comment
Vote in our poll on which tech sector will see the most investment in 2018.
2018's Workplace Comms to Be Bolstered by AR, VR, AI and IoT: Flock CEO
Phil Oakley  
12/29/2017   Post a comment
Flock CEO Bhavin Turakhia says AI, augmented and virtual realities, and the Internet of Things will play a big role in transforming the workplace in 2018.
VR Headset Sales Will Rise to 1.5 Million in 2018, Say Analysts
Phil Oakley  
12/19/2017   Post a comment
Sales of VR headsets are expected to rise substantially, with Oculus and HTC releasing models soon, but the industry still wants for use cases.
Nokia Kills OZO 360-Degree VR Camera, Cuts 310 Jobs
Phil Oakley  
10/10/2017   Post a comment
Nokia is killing its $45,000 360-degree VR camera, OZO, eliminating 310 positions in the process.
London Tech Week 2017 Highlights
TechX365 Video  
8/17/2017   Post a comment
London Tech Week 2017 saw an incredible 48,170 attendees from 93 countries visit 219 events across the city over five days, 12-16 June. Check out the highlights from the week!
Contextualising Your Content with VR: Rendermedia
Sponsored Blogs  
7/3/2017   Post a comment
Rendermedia's Mark Miles looks at how technology is changing the way we view content.
IDC Predicts VR, AR Boom in Next 5 Years
Phil Oakley  
6/26/2017   1 comment
IDC estimates major growth in VR and AR headset shipments during the next five years, with VR set for consumer demand and AR making inroads in enterprise.
MelodyVR Announces Global Partnership With Microsoft
Phil Oakley  
6/22/2017   Post a comment
British company MelodyVR, a music virtual reality platform, has announced a global partnership with Microsoft.
Virtual Reality's True Purpose Is Immersive Marketing
TechX365 News  
6/20/2017   Post a comment
Virtual reality serves all kinds of purposes, but one of its biggest uses is for marketers to better engage customers with their brands. Enter immersive marketing.
Finnish Company Creates VR Headset With 'Human-Eye Resolution' Display
Phil Oakley  
6/19/2017   Post a comment
Varjo has developed a VR headset with a resolution of 70 megapixels, compared to 1.2MP on the current leading headmounted displays.
How VR Is Helping the Fight Against Dangerous Driving
TechX365 News  
6/14/2017   Post a comment
The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service is using virtual reality to teach people about the ramifications of dangerous driving.
Summing Up the VR & AR World Creative Forum at TechXLR8
TechX365 News  
6/13/2017   Post a comment
Many things were discussed at VR & AR World's Creative Forum on June 13, including nausea and lag when using VR.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Why the Time Is Now for Mixed Reality
TechX365 News  
6/8/2017   Post a comment
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us – is your brand and your workforce able to adapt to the rapid pace of techno-cultural change?
Apple Is Getting Into Virtual Reality in a Big Way
Phil Oakley  
6/7/2017   1 comment
Apple is launching a range of new desktop and laptop computers with updated internals, which includes support for virtual reality and external GPUs.
Nokia Livestreams Neurosurgery in Mixed Reality Using OZO Live
Phil Oakley  
6/7/2017   Post a comment
Nokia, along with Helsinki University Hospital, livestreamed a neurosurgical procedure to over 100 neurosurgeons around the world in full 360-degree, mixed reality video.
The Smart Guide to City Planning
Sponsored Blogs  
6/6/2017   Post a comment
Smart, digital technologies are starting to transform the city planning process, argues Euan Mills.
Virtual Reality Innovators to Show Off at London Tech Week
Phil Oakley  
6/6/2017   1 comment
StarVR and ZeroLight will announce 'one of the most visually impressive VR experiences to date' during London Tech Week.
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Sponsored Blogs, 6/12/2018
The Quintessence AM37 lets you try out the same boat James Bond would use in a full VR experience.
Mark Miles, Rendermedia, 7/3/2017
Rendermedia's Mark Miles looks at how technology is changing the way we view content.
Euan Mills, Future Cities Catapult , 6/6/2017
Smart, digital technologies are starting to transform the city planning process, argues Euan Mills.
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