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Oliver Cantor, Associate Director of Product Strategy, Verizon, 10/5/2018
Digital transformation is something almost every business is going through. The term has become synonymous for the constant innovation that has become a necessity to remain competitive and profitable. But all this change comes at a cost. Businesses must be prepared to manage a vast array of IT projects and experiments -- without even knowing if they will ...
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Mike Davies, EMEA VP, Quadient, 8/21/2018
Ever since Clive Humby described data as "the new oil" in 2006, organisations have been racing to either confirm or refute the comparison. The main comparison has been in its value to industry -- much as oil powered industrial and transport revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries, so data is powering the information age.
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Richard Best, General Manager, Comparex UK, 8/3/2018
Cloud computing is now the preferred option for many enterprises, which is not surprising given the huge benefits it can deliver. A fifth of total IT budget spend is now directed towards cloud and more than two thirds of organizations are predicted to have a multi-cloud set-up by 2019.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/25/2018
Google has announced a new "Contact Center AI" powered by its own Cloud Platform, which it says will revolutionize how companies deal with customer service and requests.
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Charles Dearing, Technology Journalist, 7/17/2018
Cloud computing has taken the tech industry by storm in the last few years. How did this storm start brewing? How did the cloud become the gateway to big data heaven?
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Maria McSorley, Digital Content Marketer, Cloud and Enterprise Technology, 7/3/2018
Looking back to 30 years ago, it is strange to think apps and websites for banks didn't exist. How, then, did millions of banking customers gain access to their accounts? How did people transfer funds? How long did it take people to send friends and family money?
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Maria McSorley, Digital Content Marketer, Cloud and Enterprise Technology, 6/29/2018
It's hard to believe that Cloud & DevOps World has come and gone yet again. This year's Cloud & DevOps World saw a wealth of speakers from a plethora of industries come together to talk about Cloud and DevOps. Throughout the event we heard from about a number of case studies, and a range keynotes and panels.
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Maria McSorley, Digital Content Marketer, Cloud and Enterprise Technology, 6/18/2018
This is a new series from Maria McSorley on how the cloud is affecting our everyday lives in work and play.
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Maria McSorley, Digital Content Marketer, Cloud and Enterprise Technology, 6/14/2018
The message from cloud providers and companies that have already moved to cloud was clear: plan your move to the cloud in detail then plan again. When it inevitably goes wrong, the plan you had may be vital in understanding those problems and making sure they don't happen again.
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Roger Vigilance, Marketing Director, Vonage UK, 6/12/2018
Companies need to get ahead of the cloud competitors in order to win over customers.
Russell Poole, Equinix, 9/8/2017
As global data traffic volumes grow, it's not hard to see why data centres will play an even more important role in digital infrastructure connectivity in future.
Microsoft reporter, 7/7/2017
The UK's history of embracing technology and innovation means its capital is well placed to benefit from the "fourth industrial revolution," says Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose.
Loveneesh Bansal, Equinix, 5/12/2017
Overcoming cloud security challenges for a safer business.
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