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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/27/2017
Now that WiFi is largely ubiquitous, it's power that's the limiting factor in keeping us online. Battery tech has not progressed much in decades, but charging technology has, to the point where a phone can be charged "wirelessly." London-based startup Chargifi harnesses wireless charging to give people power when they need a top up.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/26/2017
London-based fintech startup Cleo has announced via Techcrunch it has raised GB pound 2 million (US$2.6 million) in funding to advance development of its chatbot that manages and helps with finances. The funding round was led by LocalGlobe and existing investors, including Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/25/2017
Researchers at Stanford University have now created a camera with an ultra-wide field of view and revolutionary light field technology. The device has been labeled a "4D" camera.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/24/2017
After a successful trial back in May, London-based Citymapper has announced it will launch its very own bus service, named "CM2 - Night Rider," in the capital, to run from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.
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Rhian Wilkinson, TechXLR8, 7/21/2017
We caught up with Arjun Panesar (left), co-founder and CEO of to discuss how AI is changing healthcare for people with diabetes.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/20/2017
We know there are a huge number of tech jobs in the UK at the moment due to its booming technology sector. However, what about the whole of the EU? New data from Eurostat shows that there are 8.2 million people working in the IT industry today -- that's 3.7% of the overall EU workforce.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/19/2017
While demand for wearables hasn't exploded quite as much as expected, there is one very useful aspect of a wrist-worn watch -- health monitoring, especially related to the heart. Enter Heartisans, a startup that is developing the world's first wrist-worn blood pressure monitor.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/18/2017
Oxford-based augmented reality startup WaveOptics has raised GB pound 12 million (US$15.6 million) in its Series B founding round to help further develop its technology and expand its business.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 7/17/2017
Over the last 20 years, Formula 1 has become one of the most high-tech sports in the world. The cars are electronically controlled by computers, with drivers who seem almost superhuman piloting them around race tracks all over the world. In 2017, the cars use hugely complicated engines and highly advanced aerodynamics in an attempt to win a race and, ...
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Microsoft reporter, 7/7/2017
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Innovation Hub, 6/19/2017
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