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Greg Robinson, technology entreprenueur, 2/20/2018
As AI becomes more ubiquitous, the level of involvement rises. Through the recent advancements in development, the amount of individuals that can be involved has risen dramatically.
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Elin Gronow, KNect365 TMT, 2/13/2018
User experience is undergoing a shift, from users delighting in an experience to a device helping them with an experience. To discuss this impact on UX and the associated effect on the Internet of Things, we talk to Michael Vladimer (below), co-founder of Orange Silicon Valley's IoT Studio.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 2/13/2018
Amazon is behemoth of both the tech world, with Amazon Web Services, and the consumer product world, with its online sales and delivery service, plus its Kindle and Echo product lines. Following an announcement at the end of January, there is now firm evidence the company and its founder Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, want to get into ...
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Elin Gronow, KNect365 TMT, 2/12/2018
Construction is an industry where productivity and digitalization are lagging, which costs the global economy $1.6 trillion a year. Over a third of the lost value globally in the construction sector comes from North America, with $460 billion lost in Europe, and just below this in Asia.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 2/9/2018
DeepMind is at it again. This time the company is using its powerful artificial intelligence software to look for various diseases in the eyes, according to a new paper seen by the Financial Times.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 2/7/2018
Ask any designer and they will tell you Adobe's suite of apps is crucial to their job. More recently, designers have been using Sketch to design mobile apps and digital products. Now, there is a new kid on block, and its name is Gravit.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 2/7/2018
SpaceX on Tuesday launched its Falcon Heavy rocket from NASA's Cape Canaveral, Fla., launchpad, with the acclaimed rocket taking its payload -- CEO Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster -- into orbit.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 2/6/2018
Voice assistants have taken on a meteoric rise since Apple introduced Siri in 2011 and Amazon released its Alexa-enabled Echo in 2013. All five of the major technology companies now have a voice assistant of some description, and while they differ slightly, all have the same basic function: the user can ask or tell the speaker to do something, and it'll ...
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Nic Ray, CMO, BrandsEye, 2/5/2018
Ask any C-suite executive about their company's use of social media and you'll quite likely find yourself being referred to the social media manager for more information. It's high time executives understood that social media is so much more than a marketing channel but a game-changing way to grow their businesses.
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