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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 11/13/2018
Revolut's new machine learning technology has reduced card fraud fourfold in two months, the company has announced, with the company reportedly getting offers from traditional high street banks to buy the technology.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 11/12/2018
Early-stage venture funding in the European tech industry has increased by more than four times since 2015, a report from Stripe, Techstars and has found.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 11/7/2018
Between the second and third quarters of this year, the number of investment deals fell 18.2% in the UK, Beauhurst found in its latest market report. This was reflected in a 9.2% decline in the amount of money investors stumped up for tech firm deals overall.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 11/5/2018
The UK is certified unicorn factory -- the country has 15 current unicorns and has single-handedly created 35% of Europe's entire unicorn count since 2008. But if the UK tech industry is so good at getting a tech business to $1 billion, what's stopping it from growing these companies to valuations of $10 billion, $20 billion or $100 billion?
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 10/31/2018
Digital bank Monzo has raised GB pound 85 million in a Series E funding round, led by General Catalyst, supported by Accel and the company's existing investors, valuing the company at more than GB pound 1 billion (US$1.27 billion), making it the UK's newest tech unicorn. (See The UK Starts & Grows Most of Europe's Tech Unicorns.)
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 10/29/2018
British tech talent startup Hackajob has received GB pound 5 million ($6.4 million) in a Series A funding round from AXA Venture Partners, with input from existing investor Downing Ventures.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 10/23/2018
Tech hubs in the UK have created 35% of the 169 tech "unicorns" in Europe and Israel, according to new analysis by Tech Nation and Since 2008, the UK has created 60 unicorns -- tech companies worth more than US$1 billion -- in all, showing the strength in the UK's tech sector.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 10/22/2018
German/British venture capital firm Ananda Ventures has raised euro 50 million (US$57.3 million) from European Investment Fund (EIF), UK-based Big Society Capital, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and a number of private, undisclosed investors with a view to investing in innovative European startups.
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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 10/3/2018
Locum's Nest, a London-based startup which has developed an online platform that helps locum doctors find work, has raised GB pound 3 million ($3.9 million) in funding from Albion Capital and IDO Investments.
Posted by philoakley |  In reply to: OneTech Aims to Double Diversity Amongst Founders in London
I couldn't tell you - you'll have to ask OneTech / Capital Enterprise.

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Posted by director1892 |  In reply to: OneTech Aims to Double Diversity Amongst Founders in London
Where do founders with severe disabilities fit into these scenarios?

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