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Latest Content tagged with Cybersecurity
Uber Fined £385K for Failing to Disclose 2016 Data Breach
Phil Oakley  
11/27/2018   Post a comment
Details of over 30 million Uber customers were stolen in the attack, which happened in late 2016.
Major Cyber Attack on UK a Matter of 'When, Not If' – Report
Phil Oakley  
11/20/2018   Post a comment
The report came from a parliamentary committee and says the UK government is not acting with the urgency the situation requires.
Cyber Attacks Rank as Top Concern for European, Asian & US Firms
Phil Oakley  
11/16/2018   Post a comment
While "unemployment and underemployment" was a top concern globally, cyber attacks ranked as number one worry in three regions.
Blockchain's Economic Value to Hit $2 Trillion by 2030, Predicts Analyst
Elliott Heath  
6/14/2018   1 comment
Blockchain is set to underpin a significant slice of global economic activity by 2030, predicts IHS Markit analyst Don Tait.
£15M for Commonwealth Cybersecurity Is 'Drop in the Ocean' – Analyst
Phil Oakley  
4/20/2018   Post a comment
The funding will be used by Commonwealth countries to review cybersecurity practices, but Ovum Research Director Maxine Holt called it 'a drop in the ocean.'
Plexal to Run London Cyber Innovation Centre for Cybersecurity Startups
Phil Oakley  
4/10/2018   Post a comment
Plexal will run the Cyber Innovation Centre out of its base at Here East.
How SmilePass Uses Your Face to Combat Cybercrime
Phil Oakley  
2/22/2018   Post a comment
SmilePass is a 'biometric authentication as a service' platform that uses deep learning to recognize faces and fight cybercrime.
Hackers Infect UK Government Websites to Mine Cryptocurrency
Phil Oakley  
2/12/2018   Post a comment
Hackers infected a popular browser plug-in that in turn infected thousands of computers, with the aim of mining cryptocurrency.
Alphabet's New Company, Chronicle, Uses Machine Learning to Combat Cyber Attacks
Phil Oakley  
1/25/2018   Post a comment
Chronicle uses machine learning to help companies deal with the overwhelming number of security alerts, with an intelligent analytics and search platform.
Germans Twice as Likely to Secure Data Than British Firms – Report
Phil Oakley  
1/18/2018   Post a comment
A report from Gemalto has found that German firms are twice as likely to secure sensitive data in the cloud compared to British firms.
IoT Cybersecurity Startup Cybeats Raises Pre-Seed Funding
Phil Oakley  
1/15/2018   Post a comment
Cybeats has raised a pre-seed round to build an immune system for enterprise IoT devices, with former Intel Security CEO Dr Richard Reiner joining as chairman.
AI, AR, VR, Fintech & Talent Discussed in First TechXLR8 Twitter Chat
Phil Oakley  
1/12/2018   Post a comment
The first TechXLR8 Twitter chat of 2018 discussed what the year will bring for tech.
Poll: Which Tech Sector Will Attract the Most Investment in 2018?
Phil Oakley  
1/4/2018   Post a comment
Vote in our poll on which tech sector will see the most investment in 2018.
Banking, Telecom 'Most Advanced' in Digital Transformation – Ovum
Ray Le Maistre  
11/30/2017   1 comment
The telecoms and banking sectors are most mature in the drive for digital transformation, according to the results of an extensive survey of ICT executives conducted by research house Ovum.
How Not to Do It: Uber Was Hacked in 2016 but Kept It Quiet
Phil Oakley  
11/24/2017   Post a comment
Uber suffered a huge hack in 2016, with 57 million accounts compromised, but didn't inform the regulator or users.
Poll: Is Compromised Privacy a Concern?
Phil Oakley  
10/3/2017   1 comment
Our monthly poll question for October asks whether privacy is a concern.
Nvidia Teams Up With Huawei, Alibaba for Smart City Platform
Phil Oakley  
9/26/2017   Post a comment
Nvidia has partnered with Alibaba and Huawei to accelerate development of its smart city platform, Metropolis.
Telecoms Giants Announce Winners of Their Global Startup Competition
Phil Oakley  
9/12/2017   Post a comment
Go Ignite, an alliance of global telecoms companies, have announced the winners of their second global startup competition.
Global Spending on Cybersecurity to Reach $86.4B in 2017 – Gartner
Phil Oakley  
8/16/2017   Post a comment
Industry research firm Gartner has projected that global spending on cybersecurity will reach $86.4 billion by the end of 2017.
AI: How Terminator’s Geeky Cousin Can Help With Cybersecurity
Itsik Mantin  
7/14/2017   Post a comment
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping companies plug holes in their networks and keep data secure.
Darktrace Raises $75M, Provides Inspiration
Ray Le Maistre  
7/11/2017   Post a comment
AI-based cybersecurity specialist banks a Series D round of funding and boasts major business growth.
British Parliamentary Network Suffers Cyber Attack
Phil Oakley  
6/26/2017   Post a comment
The UK government suffered from a cyber attack over the weekend, compromising up to 90 accounts with weak passwords.
Why Aren't More Security Vendors Jumping on the AI Bandwagon?
Phil Oakley  
6/8/2017   Post a comment
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major development for the technology industry right now. So why aren't more security technology companies talking about it?
Global Cyber Attack: What Happened?
Phil Oakley  
5/15/2017   1 comment
As Friday's ransomware attack, which affected over 150 countries, winds down, we look at why it happened and what stopped it.
NHS England Hit by a 'Large-Scale' Cyberattack
Phil Oakley  
5/12/2017   Post a comment
NHS organizations across England, plus countries around the world, have been hit by a cyberattack, with computer systems asking users for money.
Nvidia Taps AI to Monitor CCTV in Smart Cities
Phil Oakley  
5/10/2017   Post a comment
NVIDIA's newest platform, Metropolis, uses deep learning to analyze video surveillance and develop insights into how cities could be safer and more efficient.
TechTV: Live Video from London Tech Week / TechXLR8
5/1/2017   1 comment
This is Tech TV, showcasing all the latest news on technology innovation from London Tech Week. Don't miss all the live action from the week's flagship event, TechXLR8, featuring eight different tracks covering VR, AR, AI, 5G, IoT, advanced robotics, connected cars and more, as well as highlights from the 200-plus London Tech Week events happening across the capital, including the UK's first Drone Racing League competition. Stay tuned to Tech TV!

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Phil Oakley, Site Editor, TechX365, 1/30/2019
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The company, which provides funding options for companies in need of cash, has provided funding worth £2 billion in total to more than 170,00 companies.
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