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Content posted in December 2017
2018's Workplace Comms to Be Bolstered by AR, VR, AI and IoT: Flock CEO
Phil Oakley  
12/29/2017   Post a comment
Flock CEO Bhavin Turakhia says AI, augmented and virtual realities, and the Internet of Things will play a big role in transforming the workplace in 2018.
68% of Consumers Use Machine Learning Without Realizing It – Deloitte
Phil Oakley  
12/28/2017   Post a comment
Consumers are using machine learning on their smartphones without actually knowing it, says professional services firm Deloitte.
Startup Profile: Emma
Phil Oakley  
12/27/2017   Post a comment
Emma is a financial assistant built into an app, analyzing your spending habits, stopping you slipping into your overdraft, and saving you money.
Unicorns: A Time to Dream
TechX365 News  
12/22/2017   Post a comment
Becoming a ‘unicorn’ -- a company with a $1 billion valuation -- is something that happens to only a tiny fraction of startups…. but it does happen.
Wearable Shipments to Double by 2021: IDC
TechX365 News  
12/22/2017   Post a comment
The total wearables market is expected to grow from 113.2 million shipments in 2017 to 222.3 million in 2021, driven by demand for smart watches and emerging product categories, according to research firm IDC.
Startup Profile: Flymble
Phil Oakley  
12/20/2017   Post a comment
Flymble makes the cost of booking flights more bearable by letting customers pay month-by-month.
VR Headset Sales Will Rise to 1.5 Million in 2018, Say Analysts
Phil Oakley  
12/19/2017   Post a comment
Sales of VR headsets are expected to rise substantially, with Oculus and HTC releasing models soon, but the industry still wants for use cases.
3D Imaging Startup Fyusion Raises $22M
Phil Oakley  
12/19/2017   Post a comment
3D imaging startup Fyusion has raised $22 million to continue development of its computer vision and machine learning technology that transforms 2D images into 3D experiences on a smartphone.
Medtech Accelerator Aims to Spur Entrepreneurs
Phil Oakley  
12/18/2017   Post a comment
Based in London, HS. is a health and medtech accelerator that has opened applications for its Build program, which aims to attract early-stage teams or entrepreneurs in the sector.
London Mayor Launches TechInvest for Startups That Need Cash
Phil Oakley  
12/15/2017   Post a comment
The first TechInvest event will focus on artificial intelligence, and will see ten startups pitching to over 100 investors.
Google Opening AI-Focused Research Lab in China
Phil Oakley  
12/14/2017   Post a comment
Google will open a new AI research lab in China, despite many of its services being blocked.
By 2020, AI Will Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates – Gartner
Phil Oakley  
12/13/2017   Post a comment
A Gartner report says that artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates, and that job augmentation – AI and humans working together – is the way forward.
Startup Profile: Fountain
Phil Oakley  
12/13/2017   Post a comment
This chatbot helps users invest money and save up towards set goals.
Soon We'll Interact With Tech Through Body Language – Ericsson
Phil Oakley  
12/12/2017   Post a comment
Ericsson thinks we'll interact with technology with facial expressions and body language in the years to come, further blurring the lines between technology and humanity.
Confirmed! Apple Buys UK's Shazam
Phil Oakley  
12/11/2017   Post a comment
Apple has announced the acquisition of UK tech company Shazam for a reported $400 million.
London to Open Bangalore Office to Strengthen Links With Indian Tech
Phil Oakley  
12/8/2017   Post a comment
London will open an overseas trade office in Bangalore, in order to foster collaboration with Indian tech businesses.
AlphaZero Beats Chess World Champion After Just 4 Hours of Self-Play
Phil Oakley  
12/7/2017   Post a comment
DeepMind's AlphaZero, of which versions beat the world's best Go players, has taught itself to play chess to a 'superhuman' standard in just four hours.
Israeli Firm Viola Group Launches $100M Global Fintech Fund
Phil Oakley  
12/7/2017   Post a comment
Israeli investment firm Viola Group has launched a $100 million fund devoted to fintech startups from all over the world.
Poll: Are You Interested in Banking With a 'Challenger Bank'?
Phil Oakley  
12/6/2017   Post a comment
Would you be comfortable banking with just an app – no branch, website or telephone?
In the UK, Nearly Every Developer Has a Job – Report
Phil Oakley  
12/6/2017   Post a comment
A Stack Overflow report has revealed that 98.6% of developers in the UK and Ireland are employed, which is causing a significant skills gap in the tech industry.
Is Europe Struggling to Retain its Homegrown Tech Talent?
TechX365 News  
12/5/2017   1 comment
A recent article in the MIT Technology Review suggests it's hard for European tech firms to find local tech talent -- is that true?
Facebook Brings Xmas Cheer to London with 800 New Jobs & Startup Incubator
Ray Le Maistre  
12/4/2017   1 comment
As it celebrates 10 years in the UK, the social media giant opens a new office in central London, unveils a startup incubator and announces 800 new UK jobs, shrugging off Brexit concerns.
Startup Profile: Pixoneye
Phil Oakley  
12/1/2017   Post a comment
Pixoneye uses advanced machine learning to analyse pictures in a smartphone gallery, but does not infringe on user's privacy.

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